OPENsoil at New Langton Arts

March 28, 2008

OPENsoil is Eli Berland, Art Berliner, Cannard Farm, Chez Panisse, Rachel Cole, Howie Correa, Knoll Farm, Devils Gulch Ranch, Catalan Farm, Suzanne Drexhage, DeeAnn Freitas, Angelo Garro, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, Kelsie Kerr, Marian Lever, Carrie Lewis, Magnolia, Christa Manalo, Nico Monday, Amelia O’Reilly, Laura Parker, Alison Pebworth, Stacie Pierce, Ann Rich, Nate Rippey, Chris Sollars, Asiya Wadud, Jonathan Waters, Zack Wiley, Work of Art Catering. photos by Don Alderon.


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