OPENsoil: invitation

February 6, 2008


OPEN is coming to New Langton Arts on Friday, March 28, 2008.

We are starting from the ground up, so the first event will be all about soil, with the participation of Laura Parker, Tairwa’-Knoll Farms and Cannard Farms.

There are two seatings: 6:00/6:30 and 8:00/8:30 pm by reservation.

The menu is a three course dinner for around $35.

For dinner reservation contact New Langton Arts at 415 626 5416

The bar with extra seating will be open from 6:00 to midnight for beer, wine.

OPEN is part restaurant, part installation, part performance so feel free to come by at any time and enjoy the show!

New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street
San Francisco,
CA 94103