OPENcity: invitation

August 30, 2008

OPENcity at New Langton Arts – Saturday, September13, 2008

This time around, as a way to include as many people as possible, the dinner will be held in two parts:

-First part: reservation only, three course dinner for 50 people at $65, with reservations available at 7 & 7:30 pm. For reservations please subscribe to the New Langton Arts email list to get updates at:

– Second part: an open seating, no reservations, after the first seating starting around 8pm. We will serve Tapas style smaller plates at $5 each, available to anyone throughout the restaurant.

We encourage everyone to come by, dining or not, starting at 6:30pm. The bar will be open, serving beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks plus plenty of extra seating in the bleachers all evening.

East Bay Pictures International, a Berkeley based production company, will be on hand to get some footage for their upcoming documentary on urban farming, Edible City.

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